Thursday, 20 August 2009

Drinks and Digital Marketing Summit, 22nd September 2009

The whole office is very enthusiastic about this new event, a recent brain-child. It seems to us that the drinks industry is lagging behind the pace re: digital media and understanding how it can affect/benefit its brands, and that is is about time we embraced 'it' as an industry. Sure, there are some excellent practitioners - such as Bibendum Wines, Jamie Goode, Robert McIntosh - but 95% of those involved don't know much about it, and I'll bet that 95% of those would like to know more.

The key question is this - how can digital media and the communities they create be best leveraged to communicate drinks in an innovative, effective and responsible way?

If you're interested in coming along, get in touch and follow #ddmsummit on twitter to keep up to speed.

Exciting stuff.


  1. I really look forward to the event, and I'm glad to see another key business of the wine trade starting to use blogs. Welcome!

  2. Hi
    Very interested in this....count me in!
    I will follow on Twitter but please feel free to mail me


    Vinisus Wines